Privacy Policy

This statement concerns data security, the handling of personal data and the Troon Ltd. processing arrangements and procedures in respect of personal data.

Troon Ltd. is committed to the lawful, fair and transparent processing of data. Data held is not excessive and remains adequate, secure and relevant to the purpose. Accuracy of data is maintained and data is stored for no longer than is necessary.

At Troon there are two main groups of whom we hold personal data. Firstly, customers.

A card has already been sent home to our customers inviting them to contact us if they wish to remain in our customer book. This book holds only names, addresses and some telephone numbers. Nothing is online and we do not share and information with other parties. The customer book is under constant review. When customers visit the shops, they are invited to keep, change or remove their listing. If a customer has not visited the shop within a period of two years, their names etc. are removed.

Next concerns the preserving of personal data of individual Troon Ltd. employees.

Employment contracts are kept in a locked facility and revisited and updated as and when required. Quickbooks online package including payroll is in use using all their standard procedures. Access is password protected and secure. Full financial information of employees is held for six years in line with HMRC requirements.

A comprehensive file containing F.S.B. General Data Protection Regulation printouts is in both shops. Staff are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the regulations in order to abide by and to raise awareness across the board.

The rights of individuals are paramount to us within our business and we pledge to continue to review our arrangements and procedures on an ongoing basis in line with G.D.P.R.

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