In pride of place this season is Annette Görtz. The reversible styles with contrasting combinations in special materials are artful, pristine and quite extraordinary. This label is brazen, persistent and not in any way work shy. We are indeed the beneficiaries of its heirloom quality and are proud to present it.

D ‘Exterior from Italy is another pedigree brand. This gorgeous and many times glamorous and worldly collection is guaranteed. The timeless knitwear is always a good investment and the tailoring bespoke. Superb work wear too. Alpha Studio, also from Italy, is a quieter collection. At its heart is attention to detail, subdued but with a most dependable fashion fervency. Shimmering copper prints and plissé, quality knits and outstanding outer wear.

Bitte Kai Rand from Copenhagen is a great collection for reeling in the years. It is a go to collection for exciting prints, accommodating styles and that edge we yearn for as individuals. Black, clover and jade are winning so far. Lauren Vidal from Paris has widened its audience this autumn and is stronger than ever. The affordable tricot pieces can be feminine and pretty or collegiate. Leg wear is, as always, a little theatrical. Shades this season are fruity, plums, damsons and blaeberry.


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