Front of house is Bitte Kai Rand from Denmark. This Spring, the collection celebrates artistic souls, eccentric, reflective and passionate, each expressing their own individual style, character and sensibility. The moments of madness in the bold and stunning prints are transporting and innovative. The subtle pieces are kindly and timeless and there is no doubt about the passion in the drips and splashes. What a tonic in these uncertain times!

Annette Gortz is true, as always, to the seasonal colour palette, skillfully sculpting different textures and clean lines into works of wardrobe art. Italian brand Alysi, a family run company based in Rome, is wonderful at producing feminine and fluid separates. Look out for the eye catching and impactful coats.

D‘Exterior, our most luxurious and elegant designer collection from Italy, is again a one-stop for weddings and special occasions. Gorgeous dresses and lovely floaty chiffon skirts in almond and lilac can be topped with a coat or a twin-set in daisy appliqué or twinkly tricot. Feel chic, feel fabulous on that special day.

The much favoured Alpha Studio style is simple, contemporary and coveted. This small Italian brand is urban and confident in design, quietly different and of heirloom quality. Lauren Vidal doesn’t give up and thank goodness for that. This sharp, feminine and sometimes a little theatrical range from Paris is intelligently put together. It is easy to achieve a whole variety of personable looks and the leg-wear is to die for.


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