The prettiest palette of soft apricot and dusty terracotta from the Italian makers Mama-b is on the cover of our invitation this season. Contemporary, enduring and feminine designs in natural fabric including baby gingham are packaged with the environment in mind. Comfortable layering, easy care and accommodating sizes are all important, making this label a popular choice.

Amina Rubinacci from Naples is an unpretentious luxury brand exclusively made in Italy to the highest standards. The garments are skillfully tailored and a joy to wear.

D’Exterior, also from Italy, has its bedrock in the stylish knitwear. As always that little Chanely jacket is sensational. Some have an extra set of gold buttons just in case the tortoiseshell ones won’t do! Complimentary crisp wovens round things off nicely for day in white, navy and stone, and for evenings look out for the doily shell top and embellished maxi dresses.

Consensus is that this seasons Annette Görtz is the best yet. The shirts and dresses in scribbley floral prints are lovely. The smudgey over sized ones in sunset and clay, coconut, tobacco and sky are just as dreamy. A yellow knit dress is very sexy and the bluebell jacket particularly special. Artistry in cloth and wonderful heirlooms.


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