Michèle, our well known trouser brand offers a full bag of comfortable designs and an ideal fit. This is Michèle’s final season but at 76, goodness knows she deserves it, we wish her a happy retirement and thank her for looking after us so well all these years.

Schneiders, Salzburg, a coat maker now in their eighth decade has the simplest essentials in outer wear. Favourites this Spring include the water repellent cottons, simply cut and washable. In transit an A4 sized packet easily transforms back into that elegant wee mac you don’t want to be without. Prêt Pour Partir, our contemporary travel wear collection from France, always arrives with something new, urban and confident in design. Don’t forget ladies if you have a nice coat, under it, anything goes!

Amet and Ladoue scarves complete any outfit with their sizzling colours and artistic embellishments. We always say don’t buy a scarf unless you absolutely have to. In this case it is very hard not to. They are so very, very beautiful!

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